The Milky Way
A collection by Jewellery Rocks

Sanni Falkenberg’s debut Jewellery Rocks collection The Milky Way is inspired by cosmic landscapes, stars and galaxies. Sanni has a life-long fascination and love for rocks and crystals. What material is better suited for her space inspired creations, than something that has been formed in volcanic conditions millions of years ago at the heart of the Earth?

While designing the collection, Sanni had revelations of the Milky Way and other distant galaxies millions of light years away. These visions of space have been one of the most powerful and inspiring experiences of her life. I felt I’d witnessed the most beautiful cosmic landscapes, Sanni recalls of her visions, and I wanted to bring home some galactic aesthetics and express these into jewellery that commands adoration.

All pieces are skillfully hand carved by Sanni from agate with, glimmering drusy crystals. These are beautifully presented with 18ct yellow gold, culminating an out of this world collection of jewellery. The Milky Way-collection radiates cosmic glamour; Inspired by the stars, to be worn by the stars...