Sanni Falkenberg
The Queen of Rocks 

Sanni’s life-long passion for rocks and crystals started as a little girl with an innocent collection of stones and minerals. This grew into a passionate fascination, and she feels incredibly awed that she is working with materials formed hundreds of millions of years ago.  

From her childhood, the long dark winters of her homeland offered Sanni an unparalleled view of the night sky, galaxies and the amazing Aurora Borealis. These observations led to questions and a fascination that inspired dreams and visions. Sanni’s unique imagination would take her through the galaxies, nebulae and stardust, to far, far away solar systems. There she can find her inspiration and return to express these into cosmic jewellery.

These heavenly beautiful astrophotographs are all taken by a finnish astrophotographer J-P Metsävainio.
 © Copyright J-P Metsavainio, Astro Anarchy Observatory